Artist’s Bio

My story is about healing. I picked up my paintbrush in 2000 after my mother passed away. Before she died, my mom was asked to describe each of her nine children using one word. Her word for me was “artistic.” It’s funny how she believed in me and saw my potential when I didn’t. I was just a kid from Mount Carmel that liked to doodle.

Painting became a way for me to heal and to feel connected to my mom. The sense of peace and fulfilment that washes over me when I paint is incredible and humbling. For me, each piece I paint honours the wonderful memories I have of a beautiful role model. It also strengthens my  commitment and  belief in the endurance of family. To honour mom’s belief in me, I began to take art lessons under the tutelage of the very talented Cheryl O, renowned London artist. I thank these two women for the artist I have become today. My work is now hanging in private collections in Canada, USA and Australia.

My style is evolving and growing in confidence. A splash of colour, a touch of whimsy, glorious texture and a bit of “let’s see where my brush takes me,” defines my palette these days. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature and love of family.  Besides the sheer joy of painting,  I nurture my soul by marathon running, cycling, yoga, gardening and being a grandma. All of these pursuits allow me to paint in my head as I am enjoying them. Namaste.